Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whole lotta love

Today for Track Tuesday I got my inspiration from my Grandma! You see she is an Adam Lambert Fan and when I say Fan I mean FAN! She travels the globe to go to his shows, she's met him, gotten his Autograph and her picture taken with him too. She is an Adam Groupie and she ROCKS! I on the other hand didn't follow in her footsteps last season on AI. I was a Kris Allen fan. However, after she showed me a live video of one of Adam's performances that she was at, I was WOW'D! That guy can sing! He has stellar vocals, fabulous riffs not to mention GREAT HAIR and AWESOMELY creative outfits. He's a great performer! I am not sure how I missed the depth of his talent. There was no doubt about it that Adam should have won American Idol last season. The track I picked for today is a song that was orginally done by Led Zeppelin but Adam performed it, made it his own and it was truly an EPIC performance.

So here's to you Grandma...Thanks for turning me into a Fan! (Not that it was hard, ha!)

1. Whole Lotta Love- by Adam Lambert

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