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Hello! I'm Shell, author of this blog. I'm a thirty-something California girl born and raised. I'm a wife to a fine Irish ginger // a mother to an 11 year old // a college student // a full time worker // a foodie // and a photo taker. I'm a lover of coffee // tea // lighthouses // and the sea. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Psychology and have decided to attend Law School afterwards.  I created this blog back in 2010 as a place to record favorite quotes, writings, memories, and things I never want to forget. 

Trev -  my other half. A thirty-something man of many words. He is a hard worker who provides for his family. His passion is music and musical instruments  - drums to be exact! Our home is full of musical instruments (drums, guitars, keyboard, and a ukelele). He now officially has his own room in the house which he likes to call "The Music Room" aka "The Man Cave".  He also has a passion for movies. We legit have a small video store in our home. Shelving upon shelving that houses over 600+ movies. Trev grew up in CA and is a lover of the sea just like me. He has his BA in Theology with a minor in Business and is a successful GM for a company that will remain un-disclosed. You probably won't hear much from him on this blog.

JT - my pride and joy. He's 11 going on 18. A Jr. Midgets Football player // honor role student // and the silliest boy I know. He's a lover of video games // cars // and racing bikes & scooters. He loves to use his hands to build things, is basically a junior mechanic - thanks to his dad, and has a small obsession with pens & pencils.

We are S + T + J
and this is  
Our One Sweet World Blog
A lifestyle blog about life, love, and everything in between. 


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