Friday, September 10, 2010

Missing you....

Always to be remembered, Never to be forgotten

 My Grams & Gramps
Grams laid to rest on September 11, 2005
Gramps laid to rest on- September 9, 2007

The picture above was taken in 1976 and on the back of this picture my Grandma wrote:
"To my dearest Don, here is something to remember me by. The good the bad and so forth, plans and dreams. I love you, Rose"

This week marks the fifth year my Grams has been gone and the third year my Gramps has been gone. My grandparents were amazing people and they had so much love & respect for each other, their children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.

God saw them getting tired, a cure was not to be.

He wrapped them in his loving arms and whispered ‘Come with me.’

They suffered much in silence, They're spirit did not bend.

They faced they're pain with courage, until the very end.

They tried so hard to stay with us but they're fight was not in vain,

God took them to His loving home and freed him from the pain.

Grams & Gramps.....Every single day I'll be missing you.

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