Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing sexier

one specific man & his personality.

He who reads comics & holds a smoke in his lips like {james dean}.
Who has gorgeous green eyes and a beautiful color of red hair.
Who has an adorable dimple when he flashes that sexy smile and has many many adorable freckles.
One man who sometimes wears his hat backwards or tilted a little to the side.
He who cooks & cleans and is not afraid to show his sensitive side.
Who looks good with a little scruff {even though I complain it stabs me like little needles in the lips.}
One specific man who makes up silly songs and sings them at the most random times.
& of course who makes me laugh and hard {til my ribs ache}.
He who takes care of me & bug.
Who has kind words, a gentle touch, thoughtful actions & gestures.

I could devour him. 
In fact I can't keep my hands off him and that goes double for my lips.

Sweetie there is no man lovelier than you.

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