Thursday, November 11, 2010

What are you Thankful for // Nikki

It's time for another round of the new series I'm featuring here on the blog.

Today I am featuring Nikki from The Grateful Sparrow.
Nikki is an artist, daydreamer, adventurer & wanderer . Over on her blog she shares all sorts of lovely things and is always quick to share on most EVERY SINGLE POST what she is grateful for that day. I find that to be humbling.

Be sure to stop by and take a peek.

Is Thankful for
green tea & fresh-baked cookies
sun salutations
friends that bring me out of my shell & out of my comfort zone
down comforters & mom-made blankets to cuddle in
digital cameras (I can take hundreds of pictures & laugh at them immediately!)
a beautiful pink sunset & sliver of a moon
so many unexpected adventures in the past year!
feeling clarity and balance
laughter - face-crinkling, belly-hurting, tear-inducing laughter

Nikki - I love your list.
Digital cameras really are one of the best inventions, EVER! 

Thank you for participating & keep up the loveliness over at
The Grateful Sparrow!


If you're interested in participating in the Thankful Series email me at:
r1sweetworld {@} yahoo {dot} com.
Include your list, a picture if you so desire & the name of your blog if applicable.
(Note: you don't have to have a blog to participate). 
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