Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrations and a vacation

Where oh where has July gone? This month is just flying by.
I've been super busy with work and it's finally starting to calm down a bit.
In the midst of all the work I've been doing I've neglected to blog about several celebrations that have happened this month...

Husband's birthday.
Sister's baby shower.
 Good old Independence Day.
Our Son's 9th birthday.
& my Brother's birthday.

We've definitely been busy. Amongst all of that we're planning for an upcoming week long camping trip our little family is taking. I haven't been camping in years and am really looking forward to it, especially since it's on the Ocean Bluffs.

We don't own much camping gear so we are working on buying stuff now. I foresee a lot of Ocean camping in our family's future.

Our newest buy:
The Coleman Red Canyon 8 person Tent.
image via amazon

In a few weeks we'll be here....Let the adventures begin!

image via google images
If there are any must have camping items any of you suggest please share!

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