Friday, April 19, 2013

People always ask me how I keep a good relationship between my myself and my son's father.

The simple answer for this is love. Love for our son, love there once was  for each other and each others family.  Divorce for us was big and messy, but out of all the mess we learned to respect each other. It certainly hasn't been the easiest ride. However, the last few years we've managed to be less at odds with one another. I think we've finally hit the point that being on the same team is the only option. Granted while the man drives me crazy more often than not, I tend to find things to keep the peace as much as possible and this includes picking and choosing battles, deciding to trust, working together, and being flexible. In the end of all of this......Our son is lucky to have four parents who love him and who work together as a team to make sure we raise this boy the best we can.  

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