Friday, February 12, 2010

First try at Bokeh

Mr. Canon & myself had our first experience at Bokeh together. 
Of course with the help of Ms. Google, some great blogs & a little research.  
I did this with Mr. Canon Rebel XS with the kit lens {18-55mm}. 
I'm saving up my pennies for a better lens to make this effect turn out better and photography in general turn out better. 
But this is what the standard kit lens does. 
Not too bad, right?

Hubby and I had date night last night and I saw a hugely amazing tree lit up with the most amazing colors in the little town we dined in. And let me just tell you how much I wished I had taken my camera with us so I could try the bokeh technique.  I think I may have to take an evening drive over there sometime this week just to try.  

Happy Weekend!
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