Thursday, February 18, 2010

Traditions // Old and New

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Every year during the holiday seasons there are certain traditions that happen. Some old. Some new.

I will share a few Traditions that we do yearly that were started long ago & I will also share some new ones that have started over the course of the last couple of years....

{Old Traditions}

Cookie baking with my family - This has been happening for generations. Each year we bake the same recipes usually the weekend before Christmas. That way on Christmas when we all gather there are delicious treats to share.

Christmas Ornaments. - I buy my son a Christmas Ornament every single year. I've done this since his birth.  My mother has done the same for him. He will have quite the collection for his own tree when he is older & leaves the nest.

Light gazing - Drive down a specific court in my hometown to look at twinkling lights. I've been visiting this court since I was a small child. The primary motivation for decorating their homes year after year is to bring people into the court and encourage them to donate to the Food For Family's Charity. It's been rumored that you have to sign an agreement when you buy a home in that court, that you MUST decorate EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Here is a little history about this court:
The tradition was started by two neighbors. It began in 1982 with a single string of lights. As the neighbors continued to one-up each other, their respective displays grew. Over the years, friendly competition shaped the court into the spectacle that it is today. By 1986 every home on the court was brightly lit and lasting friendships were formed.
In 1991 they began the support for the Food for Families charity. Each year the food collection bins are filled with an average of eight tons of food. 100% of all food and money collected directly benefits local area food banks.

{New Traditions} .... started within the last two years

The husband and I filling each other's stockings with gifts & goodies.  

Buying & exchanging ornaments with some family members.

Decorating our tree & home way earlier than we'd like to admit.

Start watching our favorite Christmas Movies in October.

Eating delicious monkey bread & sipping coffee in our jammies on Christmas morning.

Attend the Bayside Church Christmas Eve Service/Event that is Amazing!

Take our son out shopping individually and let him get us gifts from him.

What are some of the traditions you & yours have?
I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Weekend!
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