Tuesday, May 04, 2010

}i{ Butterflies

Once upon a time I went on my first "unofficial" date with my husband in our adult life (he and I 16 years ago, a story for another time). I didn't have high expectations for the evening. But when I sat across the table from my unbeknown to me future husband, I surprised myself when I got butterflies.

They were a different kind of butterflies then those when I was 16, had a crush on someone or was overjoyed by a feeling of happiness. They were new to me butterflies. Entirely different than any I had felt before in my life.

Those "special" butterflies have revisited many times since that first little outing. And often, at the most unexpected moments when I am with husband. They reassure me of how special he is, how perfect we are together, and how happy he makes me.

I had those same butterflies the other night when I felt my husband snuggle up next to me in bed, I in one of his arms, and his chocloate snack in his free hand watching our TV shows together.

They reminded me, I am so in love. And even better, he loves me. How wonderful is that?

He officially has the key...
(Image via cinnamon sticks)
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