Friday, May 07, 2010


Dear Husband,
Nothing makes my day more then when we are walking and you reach to grab my hand....Just because you want the connection. It gives me butterflies!

Dear Canon EOS Rebel XT,
You and I are going to accomplish great things in the days, weeks, months & years to come. I'm going to learn how to use you out of "Auto" mode. You and I paired together are going to rock some freakin' socks off!

Dear John Boy,
I wish you could stay little forever. Your growing up way too fast for this mama's liking. You're going to be eight soon and sadly your not a baby anymore. I have cherished all the baby years, toddler years and little boy years I've had with you and will continue to cherish all the years to come as I watch you grow into a young man.

Dear Car,
I'm craving a road trip. Take me to the city by the bay?

Dear Mom & Dad,
Thank you for bringing me into this wildly beautiful world. Without you I wouldn't have experienced childhood, motherhood and fallen completely, deeply & madly in love with an Irish boy.

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