Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's letters

Dear 7 year old,
Please refrain from using the front yard as your toilet. You're not a bear you don't pee in the woods. (or in our case, the city.)

Dear Universe,
Please record moments that make my heart sing and play them back to me as I leave this life so that I will know that I really lived.

Dear Oregon,
I have a feeling I'm going to visit you and never want to leave. Your greenery, your lighthouses, your beautiful beaches, your weather -(when it's not raining), & the cost of living. It's all very enticing.

Dear Dogs,
STOP drinking the pool water. A// Because it's not good for you B// The city of Orangevale is going to frown upon our water usage because I have to fill up the pool every other day. Oh yeah & C// It's not easy on our checkbook. I know some of the water evaporates, but good gawd..... An inch or two down every day or every other day is ridiculous. Especially when it's raining.

Dear Work,
Yeah. You Suck! I can't even type why because I'm so frustrated and stressed out by all your CRAP! All I'm going to say is GET. IT. TOGETHER. & STOP. TOYING. WITH. PEOPLE'S. EMOTIONS. & LIFE. - {Rant} - The End!

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