Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our love story // Cliff notes version on meeting my Prince Charming

Once upon a time, the year 1993,  I met Prince Charming. In Math Class. I a freshman, him a sophomore.

He asked for my hand in holey math-ra-mony. He was oh so charming!

We became the best of friends. We had an amazing friendship.

We then became lovers. This time I a sophomore, him a Junior.

I wore his class ring. 

We laughed. We loved. We danced. We Kissed.

We had heartbreak. 

We mended and remained the best of friends. (Basically doing everything we would in a relationship, without the label).

We moved on because neither one of us had the nerve to say "I WANT TO BE WITH YOU." There was High School Graduation, there was College,  there was life without each other.

We loved others.

I married. I had a son. I got divorced.

He had heartache. I had heartache.

Prince Charming and I saw each other here and there throughout the years in various places.

9 years came and went since last speaking to or seeing each other. I always wondered where he was, what he was up to and how he was doing. I always had him in my heart. 

I joined Facebook. I found Prince Charming. I debated on clicking the "add friend" button. But that debate didn't last long and I did it. I CLICKED that BUTTON! He accepted. I sent a message and T responded. 

We re-connected. 

We talked. 

A few weeks went by.

We met up for a friendly dinner to catch up and see each other again. We still had a connection. It was like all those years never passed us by. He was still so very handsome to me... and that dimple.
OH. MY. THAT. DIMPLE. -gets me every time.

We stayed up until 3am talking.

We still sparked. He still made me laugh and smile the way only HE can.

We were both single.

We officially went out on a date 2 days later.

We were inseparable.

He met my sweet little man. They clicked!

We jumped in, with eye's wide open.

We moved in together.

We got engaged. 

We married. 

17 years ago, in math class he became my best friend, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

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