Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What are you Thankful for // Jo

It's time for another round of the series I feature here on the blog.
The Thankful Series!

Today I am featuring  Jo from Cup of Jo.
She is a Public Relations major. She loves to read, write, watch many TV shows, & eat pasta. Who doesn't love some pasta right? ;)
She is also planning a wedding that is happening this month. How exciting!  
Be sure to stop by and take a peek.

Is Thankful for
My fiance- wedding in 17 days!


Extended family flying in for the wedding

My future family
Being able to relax on the weekends and not feel guilty about neglecting studying

Having connections and people being willing to help

Giant trees on the ride to work

The holidays

Moving in to a new apartment soon

Einstein bagels and hot chocolate

Skipping class to read a book

TV shows- and DVR!

Cold weather and the wardrobe needed to survive it

Cruise to Mexico for the Honeymoon

Genuine friends

My religion:

Jo - your list is lovely!

TV shows & the DVR - Heaven! How did we ever live without the DVR? One of the best things EVER!

A cruise sounds so fun. I hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon.

Thank you for participating &keep up the loveliness over at
Cup of Jo


If you're interested in participating in the Thankful Series email me at:
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Include your list, a picture if you so desire & the name of your blog if applicable.
(Note: you don't have to have a blog to participate.)
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