Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day in San Francisco - Part I // Cupcakes

Our secret is out
we did travel 2 hours to San Francisco, only for the food.

After eating lunch at Bubba Gumps {My Fav} ,
we walked from Pier 39 to Ghirardelli Square to taste
Kara's Cupcakes!

Yum, Dessert. A stop of many.
.....another little secret i'll share with you.....
this was our second dessert of the afternoon!
These cupcakes were heavenly. I wish we could get them every single day
After staring at the menu trying to decided which cupcake each of us should get
 we gave up and went with an assortment. 

Kara's Karrot
moist carrot cupcake with a silky soft cream cheese frosting
chocolate cupcake with a rich espresso buttercream
Meyer Lemony Lemon
vanilla cupcake with a tart lemon filling and lemon buttercream
Sweet Chocolate
chocolate cupcake with a sugary sweet chocolate frosting

You will see in the picture above that we got two of the Meyer Lemony Lemon.
 Husband and I love us some lemony tasting treats!
Thinking this would be our favorite we each had to have our very own.
But that wasn't the case for me. Java was my very favorite.
Husband's favorite was the Lemon, of course!
Don't get me wrong the lemon was very tasty, in fact they all were, but the coffee flavor won my heart!

If you ever get to San Francisco
Kara's Cupcakes is definitely a stop you should make.
We'll definitely be back!

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