Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tattoos tell a story....

I think tattoos are beautiful, hot and sexy! On women & men. They have meaning and each and every one tell a different story. I was asked by a few people to share more about my ink. 

So here goes...  {warning: This post is wordy but I promise there is a pic or two of some of my tats towards the end of this post.}

I have 10 tattoos. Yes, 10! and I am not done either. I want one more.

I was 20 when I got my first tattoo and I vowed to never get one again. Ha! Boy...was I wrong.

My second tattoo didn't come until I was 27. A friend of mine wanted me to go with her to get one and she made up her mind that I was getting one too without my knowledge. So there I was at a tattoo shop with her and she said to the tattoo artist "oh my friends getting one too and I'm paying for it." WTF?!? Excuse me.. oh no I am not! It took some convincing on her part and I thought to myself.. Seriously am I going to go out like this? So I decided not to be a wimp and went for it. and the rest is history..........

My first Tattoo was a dare, so I did it. I got a little pink daisy at the middle of the small of my back just above my tush. Call it a "Tramp Stamp" if you will. Ha! I literally thought I was going to die. I was so nauseated and I thought I was going to pass out. And the pain...OMG the pain, it was awful. But I somehow survived it!

My second tattoo well it was the "I'm not going to be wimp" tattoo. It's a small pink star on the top corner of my right foot. No bigger than the size of a quarter. I love stars!

My third tattoo is the cancer sign "69" it's my son's astrological sign. It too is pink. It's placed in the middle of my upper back (where your neck & back meet). You can see it with most shirts I wear. And believe me when I tell you I really wish I didn't get it in a visible spot. There are so many people out there that think I really tattooed a 69 on my body to be naughty and I get pervy comments all the time, by MEN of course!

You see the pattern here? PINK.... it's one of my favorite colors. :)

My fourth tattoo is located on my left shoulder and it's 3 stars all different colors. They all represent a person close to me that I've lost to cancer. They were all very young too. My Grandma was in her Mid 60's & My Uncle & Cousin were in their mid 30's.
My Grandma Rose - She's the Pink one! 
My Uncle Buddy - He's the blue one!
My Cousin Dani - She's the purple one!
The reasoning behind getting stars to represent my loved one's is because I was brought up thinking that every one who dies ends up being a bright star in the sky and they are up there to watch over us, and it stuck with me. I now tell my son the very same thing! :) 

My fifth tattoo is located on my right shoulder it's in Chinese writing and it stands for "Friendship". enough said..

My sixth & seventh tattoo is two whimsical looking hearts located on the small of my back as well. The teal one is located on the right side & the pink one on the left side. They don't really have a story, other then I liked the design and who doesn't love hearts?

My eighth tattoo is located on my right upper arm, it's a pretty little blue bird holding a purple ribbon in it's mouth that has my son's name on it. "John"

My ninth tattoo is located on my upper back the design is similar to this:
Here it is on me:

I got this tattoo after a difficult time in my life. For me it represents Strength. Strength I didn't know existed in me. And finding out in the end this girl is made of "gunpowder & lead".

My tenth & final tattoo (for now) is located on my left wrist. It's part of a saying out of the bible and this tattoo is shared with the love of my life. My husband has the first part on his left wrist and I have the other part on mine. It's written in Hebrew & the saying goes like this: 
"My beloved is mine, and I am his".

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