Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And we're here...

In beautiful Monterey, CA.

Husband and I are spending some much needed time away near the ocean.
Staying at a hotel directly on the beach in Monterey with an ocean view. Where the sand and water are right at our feet when we open our door.  Heaven! 
During our trip we made a small detour. We stopped at Sprinkles for a cupcake extravaganza.We have never had Sprinkles, but heard it's a must!  {more on this later}

We have a few things planned. A few delicious places picked out to eat at. Bubba's being at the top of the list. {Shocker, we know. Ha!}

This trip also includes rest, relaxation and some quality time together. Lots of walks along the beach, lots of hand holding, snuggles & I will be stealing as many kisses as I possibly can. :)

I even have a little surprise for my Mr. while we are here. & there will be another cupcake extravaganza happening at a local bakery in town before we leave.

We're off to enjoy our mini-vacation....

Enjoy your week, whatever you're doing!

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