Friday, February 04, 2011

February // The month of love.

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I really love this month for so many reasons & well
because I love, love!

I love that this month is all about the colors {red & pink}.

I love that everything is heart shaped.

I love celebrating this little holiday with hubby & bug.

February is also a very special month for hubby and I. ♥

in 2011 there are extra reasons
I love February and it's because...

  • Starbucks came out with a new size: Trenta {31 oz}. More ounces of unsweetened iced black tea for me!

  • Verizon finally got the iPhone & since I'm an existing customer I was able to get an exclusive opportunity to pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and I did. My iPhone should be here Monday!

{my AT&T iPhone 3Gs is no more}....
Here is a little history behind being with two phone carriers: my husband was still on Verizon while I was on AT&T - it's a love hate thing for him. He loves the iPhone, just hates AT&T. So he remained with Verizon while I had AT&T. I recently ported my number back over to Verizon and got the HTC Droid incredible while awaiting for the iPhone to release and let me tell you the last 2 months without my iPhone has been painful! Honest to god truth!  lol
So you can imagine my excitement RIGHT. THIS. VERY. MINUTE!

  • The possibility of a little vacation with the Mr.

  • The fact that I don't have to pay weight watchers anymore because I maintained my weight for six weeks after I hit goal and I obtained lifetime member status last week. So weight watchers is now free for me. I'm still maintaining, still on program and I still attend meetings and that's how it will stay. Accountability is key for me & the reason I've succeeded!

What are some things you love about this Month?

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