Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Ball // 2011

Baseball is back for the Bug and has been for well over a month already.
Where does the time go?
Truth be told, Baseball is killing this mama. I'm one exhausted lady with the late nights and lots of hours on the road. Just this week I have driven over 300 miles just for baseball games and practice and that's not including the 350 miles I drive just for work every week.
Poke my freakin' eye balls out, that's a lot of driving! 

*RANT ON* {one of the many compromises I make in co-parenting with the ex who lives 40 miles away....and that he thinks it's fair our son play baseball near him this season because he has him on the weekends. Don't get me started, because I could so count the MANY ways in which this really isn't fair. But it's what this mama does because I love my boy. Oh the joys of sharing custody!} *RANT OFF*

But seeing this face,
makes it all worth it!
and watching him play is worth it, too!

Oh the things us Mother's do for our children!
As much as I love baseball and this sweet boy of mine, I will welcome the break until winterball.

I will be glad when I'm not having to fill my car up every third or fourth day. I'm sure you've seen the gas prices, they are crazy ridonkulous!
I won't miss the hours that I'm in the car or the late nights home.
Oh &
 I certainly won't miss having to see the ex and his entourage multiple times a week.
{did I just say that out loud? why yes I did. Ha!}

But I will miss watching bug play & the joy he has in doing so.
I will miss the snack bar food and the sunflower seeds.

Oh mid-June where are you?!?!
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