Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Does the WRAP really work!?!?!

Does the Ultimate Body Wrap really work?

Ok....lets be honest here for a minute...I was skeptical about the wraps at first. The thought of this wrap seemed too good to be true! I had seen before and after pictures floating around the interweb and was envious of the results I was seeing. I just wasn't convinced that these were a LEGIT thing. So before I became a distributor my sister-in-law decided I should give the wrap a try because she had been raving about these things for weeks....and so I did and the rest is history. THIS CRAZY WRAP THING REALLY WORKS!! I was really excited with the results from my first wrap. My stomach had become tighter, more toned, firmer, and smoother. This was just with ONE wrap. . I still had THREE more to use in the box to get in my full application. So far to date I've done a total of three wraps and am floored at the results. This WRAP is legit magic!  

There are tons of before and after pics floating around out there on the interweb. Some believable and some not so believable. But here is what I want to tell you about the Ultimate Body Wrap......EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS DIFFERENT, and the only way you will know if you will have CRAZY AMAZING results like other people is to try it for yourself. 

When I started out, I didn’t have money to “waste” on something that didn’t work. That’s the mentality I had, and probably the mentality a lot of people have. But I'm telling you THEY WORK! A 500 million dollar company, over 60,000 distributors, and 5 times that in customers—I think those crazy wraps work!
Ultimate Body Wrap
Over 10,000 people gathered together, who are making THIS CRAZY WRAP THING BOOM!

So, what does the Ultimate Body Wrap Cost?

The Ultimate Body Wrap comes in a box of 4. This is because 4 wraps is one full application!

It Works offers a Loyal Customer Program which allows you to get up to 40% off of retail price and tons of other amazing perks. So instead of paying a retail price of $99 for a box, you only pay $59 for a box!

A Loyal Customer also gets:
  1. Perk Points – money back in points to redeem for free product
  2. The wholesale discount for LIFE
  3. Free shipping after your 3rd month
  4. $50 shopping spree after your 6th months
  5. $150 shopping spree after your 12th month
  6. Referral program which allows you to earn free BOXES of wraps or $35 in perks points for EVERY SINGLE PERSON you refer in your 1st 30 days!

There is also an opportunity for you to become and It Works! Distributor which allows people to sell these crazy wraps. So not only can you get the wholesale pricing, but you can sell them to your friends and make money. 

So whether you want to buy or sell the Ultimate Body Wrap, you’re in the right place. So what are you waiting for!?!?! Go try these CRAZY WRAPS you won't be sorry you did! 

You can get to where you want by clicking on the option below: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via: this blog, through my website, facebook, or by email | shellowrapsch@gmail.com
Happy Wrapping!

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