Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What you are Thankful for // Jennifer

It's time for another round of the new series I'm featuring here on the blog.
The Thankful Series!

Today I am featuring Jennifer from Living A Changed Life.
Jennifer is a lovely soul.  She's made some drastic changes to her life and is an inspiration to many, including myself. Over on her blog she shares all sorts of lovely things including her journey with weight loss, her travels, her love for god & yummy recipies. Jen has lost a total of 90 pounds. NINETY POUNDS people!!! She has maintained her weight and just celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being a lifetime member with Weight Watchers.  That's AMAZING!! {High Five to her}. 

Be sure to stop by and witness Jen's journey.

Is Thankful for
The smell of fall in the air and knowing Christmas is coming.
My husband who loves me better than I deserve.
Friends who that I can laugh with, because the makes life more enjoyable.
Being a Lifetime Member with Weight Watchers for a Year.
My new nephew Kenneth who is 6 weeks old.
Our Chinese visas were approved, so we will be traveling to China for Christmas.
Text messages from people I love.
Supportive blog followers.
An amazing mother-in-law who raised her son right.
Christmas music, that I will start listening to soon.
Skype dates with friends and family.
Jesus, who is my hope and my salvation.
Jennifer- I love your list!
Text messages really are the BEST. Especially when they are adorably sweet and unexpected.
Oh, how I love Christmas music. I. MUST. LISTEN. NOW.
Amazing husbands are indeed something to be thankful for. ;)
Thank you for participating & keep up the loveliness over at


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