Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dear Littlest Brother,

Today I feel old.
On this day
21 years ago
you were born.
 I was 10, just a few months shy of being 11 actually, on this day.
 You had the chubbiest little cheeks & the blondest hair I ever did see.
{Clearly you belonged to the Milk Man. Ha!}
You had the most kissable sweetest little face on the planet.
I'm glad god picked me to be your big sister.
You really were quite the adorable little human being
& have grown into a handsome man with a heart of gold.
You were a wonderful gift 21 years ago.

Here's to the baby mullet, imaginary pet alligators, sweatpants tucked into your boots, letting me paint your nails pink for kindergarten, becoming an uncle at age 13, hitting puberty, attending high school, dating, playing football, & everything in between.

You are the funniest & bubbliest little soul ever.

Welcome to the legal drinking & gambling age.
Happy 21st Birthday Deejie Weejie!
{I promise to never call you that again...well maybe just once more when you're 30....or maybe I'll never stop calling you that!}


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