Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When your the mother of an almost 9 year old boy. You get suckered into going to things like...
Justin Bieber's - NEVER SAY NEVER movie in 3D. 
Also, this said child decided to try out for the talent show at school, dancing the jerk to Justin Bieber's - Baby, and makes the cut. & you then have to listen to days of Bieber and watch practices. Adorable btw, but then biebs gets stuck in yo' head. 

My kid is a character and I heart him so.
Last week he jumped on the computer and YouTube'd a ton of video's on how to do the dougie. Mostly video's of Justin doing it. But he taught himself. ADORABLE RIGHT? Well this mama thinks so!
It makes my heart happy to see how much he enjoys music, even if it's the biebs.
Since taking him to the movie and buying him all of JB's CD's & having to listen to them over and over, I've kind of become a fan myself.  {shushhhh don't judge!}  The remix CD with various artists is bomb.

This kid is seriously talented. The movie proved so. He can dance, sing & play a long list of instruments. 
He was born to be somebody. His song tells us so.

But one thing we all should remember....is we were all born to be somebody, famous or not.

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