Friday, May 03, 2013

May 3 // Things that make me uncomfortable

Happy Friday!! Today is day 3 of  the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. Today's topic is "Things that make you uncomfortable." 

Oh the things that make me uncomfortable.....How much time do you have?!?! Because my list could go on for days maybe even weeks.  Ha!

I'll condense my list to FIVE things that make me uncomfortable:

1. Public Speaking and Job Interviews 

2. Buying pads/tampons at the store - I know it's a part of life being a female but it's so awkward to buy them, especially if the cashier is male. 

3. Answering the door to solicitors 

4. Using public restrooms

5. Shopping for anything that requires a salesmen/saleswoman stalk your every move and ask you one million questions. {cough} car dealers, furniture stores, etc. {cough} 

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